Posting here and anywhere else I can find, to contribute to the attempt to not let this dreadful company continue to get away with it. Maybe when I canceled JustCloud, they swapped the app for a malware trojan. JustCloud is a great way to back up data on a computer. The more I use the software the more I find faults with it. They have been unable to retrieve any of my files after a hard drive crash. I personally consider them to be a scam. It works poorly in China it took me about 6 months to back up my Gb.

I have been reading of similar issues that go back years. Their standard support desk is completely useless. Support care or concern…. I would not recommend using this product. They lost my data, their tech support is incompetent and slow to respond. That was more than a month ago. Despite this, there would still be a notice that I was out of space and needed to purchase more.

I have just been told that I reached my limit at 1TB despite signing up for an unlimited deal. This makes taking my files around with me even easier. I canceled my account years ago because of all the above reasons. I was comfortable that I would be able to recover my files. Just Cloud take no responsibility for taking care of your files!!


For example, for automated, scheduled backups the maximum file size is set to 1GB. Busihess email address will not be published. When I complained they simply blocked my account. I never have lost anything by accident after using JustCloud for my backup. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can publish your articles.

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Premium Plan GB Storage. Your Rating about JustCloud Clear. Customers are finding out, will find out, one justcloyd one as they attempt to restore a deleted file that the file is gone.

And you even upgraded my account without my asking for it and without notice. However, recently my computer crashed and was garbage. And nobody bothered to inform me that my files are not being backed up anymore! justfloud

JustCloud Review – Updated

On trying to restore my files I found that many hundreds of them must have been corrupted in transmission or storing. Literally any other will be a better deal than JustCloud. I would not recommend JustCloud. This is the most disgraceful show I have ever encountered, justcllud incompetence and lack of any kind of responsibility.

I would like to immediately cancel my subscription to JustCloud. Then the calls started. Though here at Cloudwards. At this point I am not hopeful that this will be resolved since they only respond to my buslness once a month. The worse of it is that they deleted thousands of my files in March and have yet to notify me and other customers poan that they deleted our files. Do I have to go through every individual photo and video and download them?


Why keep the file meta-data on the server creating the false impression that the files are still present if they are not? It simply quit backing up any further.

If you have a portable storage drive, be prepared to pay extra to back it up. Not to mention the files and data I have lost. They have been unable to retrieve any of my files after a hard drive crash. What happened to B? I have been reading of similar issues that go back years.

JustCloud Review

To increase the set maximum file size, you need to choose an add-on service that renews annually. In the past few months they have updated servers or something, and lost a lot of data. Free Can earn more 10 GB Storage.

justcloud business plan