I’d suggest buying the Cracklin’ Backpack right away so you don’t have to come back and open the package later when you need it for a mission. Talk to Art outside the Library after unlocking the buttons. Climb up to the roof the same way you did before, like climbing the ledges near the bridge section, and then jump up a bit further onto the orange roof and across the wire with the furled up banner. Just outside the Clock Tower gate is Squishy waiting for you again. There are eight of these hands, the first two are around the front on the handrails. And another mystery mission.

Behind the Library after those missions is a blue square monster. Make any customisation you like, such as changing the Wall from “Gloomy Grooves” to “Befitting Brick”. Press the “Decorate” button when you get near the to bulletin board and then switch it out for the Give ’em a Hand Launcher. Talk to Art by the Library to start this mission. Go forwards and jump across the gap to the next building, the second banner is on a wire a little further ahead. If you haven’t bought the skate park toys you might find the floating scream cans a little mystifying as you need the various parts to reach them.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Hedo off on the other two just off the half pipe for the moment. Head on over to the north-west part of campus where the marked student is patrolling. Remember that you can’t sneak while holding the Toilet Paper Launcher so make sure to unequip that as you do so.

There are four crates on the lot at the end of the street, just smash them all to complete the mission. A blue tentacle monster will give you this mission though the power of telepathy, head south out of the main Monsters University gate and then towards the closed iron gate to the east, the one built into a brick wall with loads of graffiti and posters plastered on the side.

They take very few hits to destroy while you can take several.


Disney infinity homework hero mission

Launcher to “decorate” the matching twin statues on Fear Tech’s campus. Again the cannons are very useful as you can’t be hit while on one.

disney infinity monsters university homework hero walkthrough

Go around the other side of the building and do the same again. Go over to talk to Don Carlton.

To the side of the road is a small building with an OK sign above the door, approach it and press the Customize Building button that pops up. Squishy’s got another mission to give you, same place as usual by the fountain. At least some of the Frat Row Missions will need to have been completed, and at least the Half Pipe will need to have been purchased from the Toy Store and added to the bike park. Once you’ve completed the statue you get mission complete and the student stops invinity to attack you.

Once on the roof pick up the student and then throw dusney off anywhere. Homedork unlocks the Have a Nice Trip Launcher. That’ll open the gate, unlock the Scream Energy Launcher toy and activate all monstets the buttons around campus for you to use. Again monsteers up close and fire at the statue while trying not to get hit by the Fear Tech student. If you follow along behind the School of Scaring and then head south at the end before looping back towards the fountain and smashing the last moonsters.

Anyway, you’ve got to sneak up on and scare the three Fear Tech students that are terrorising the Monsters University Campus. Here’s a list of the locations of the other Head on over to the School of Scaring in Fear Tech.

The fifth is by the ledges going straight up the corner after the normal bricks. The red tentacled monster by the fountain in Fear Tech has another mission for you. Go up the ramp to the end and then start jumping up onto the side of the building.

Disney Infinity Monsters University Episode 3 Frat Row

Go through the door and out into the Fear Tech campus, head to the right and then take a left to where there’s a few blue trees with toilet paper markers on them, fire your Toilet Paper Launcher at them and then walk a short distance further forwards to the other two trees you need to hit. Again you can run wild just don’t get too close as they like to universihy at you. At the south end of the street in Frat Row you’ll find the blue spotty tentacle monster to get this mission from once you own a bike.


The student you’re looking for is in the south-east part of campus working on a poster on the front of the brick building. On the opposite side of the half pipe is another one in the air, go up the dirt ramp from hojework the fence and jump into it. Then switch the second board into a launcher as well making sure that it’s aimed so that the hand isn’t on the opposite side of the board to the other bulletin board otherwise the monsters will smash into the board rather than get hit by the trap.

And another mystery mission.

Monsters University: Homework Hero – Disney Infinity Walkthrough

Go down the path to the left and jump over the Table Top to get the can in the air above it, shouldn’t need all that much speed to reach it. At the eastern end of the School of Scaring is a button you can scare to cause a couple of pillars to push out of the wall and form a Wall Jump. Use an “Ender” that you’ve purchase from the Toy Store in the third spot and start throwing students at the first launcher.