From this perspective, competitive interactions between plants are viewed through some intermediary such as light, nutrients, pollinators, herbivores or microorganisms. In the moist tropical zone of Australia, molasses grass has displaced native grasses that colonize forests after cyclone damage, arresting natural succession to forest Gill et al. Incapable of self-pollination Gabel, , I. University Press of Hawaii. The descriptions of the genus Imperata Cirillo.

Applications of spore suspensions of this fungus failed to kill whole plants, but it may be possible to enhance disease severity with the addition of yeast or other amendments. Indigenous sandhill plant species cover a wide range of life-forms and reproductive strategies, in an ecosystem that is xeric, oligotrophic, and prone to frequent fires. Test the properties of the product in terms of: Recently, Minno and Minno , surveyed cogon grass in Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama, looking for native or naturalized enemies. It may be that the high growth rate of Myrica allows it to successfully compete with cogongrass even in unburned areas.

Afican and Asian grasses, which have evolved perennating organs near 7 or below the ground and regrow theesis after defoliation in response to intense ungulate grazing Parsonswere widely distributed because of these traits, and are now some of the most globally widespread plant invaders Hartley and Williams Fire temperature is a surrogate indicator of fire intensity and a predictor of plant tissue death.

Ecological consequences of Imperata cylindrica (cogongrass) invasion in Florida sandhill

To assess desirability of cogongrass rhizomes as food for pocket gophers, I compiled data from 2 studies and compared total non-structural carbohydrate TNC content in rhizomes of cogongrass Gatfhey and in roots of wiregrass and 2 species of sandhill oaks Woods et al. Tall rhizomatous cogongrass is not functionally-equivalent to the short, caespitose grasses indigenous to sandhill. Methods of Testing The following methods will be used to determine the following parameters: Print Send Add Share.

cogon grass thesis

Only unburned cogongrass differed from the 2 sandhill treatments for Pityopsis, and only the unburned sandhill differed from the 2 cogongrass treatments for Myrica Figure Ecological resilience of an ecosystem is greater when there is a diversity of thessi species within thesls functional group.


Test the performance of the prototype in terms of: Imperial Agricultural Bureaux Joint Publication 7: In sandhill, scarab beetles mounds contained more clay particles, excavated from deep soils, than surrounding surface soils. A recent study, however, examined genetic variation of cogongrass at 10 sites in central and north Florida Shilling et al.

Cogonn Australia, nonindigenous grasses have been shown to inhibit regeneration of indigenous shrubs and trees, alter fire regime, and convert woodlands to grasslands, and are implicated in the decline of rare plant species Humphries et al.

Ecological consequences of Imperata cylindrica (cogongrass) invasion in Florida sandhill

In this study, cogon grass will be used as feedstock for the machine. If, on the other hand, cogongrass were not equivalent to sandhill grasses, it could in effect be a novel disturbance Sousadefined here as a relatively discrete gras that disrupts ecosystem, community, or population structure and changes resource availability, substrate conditions, or physical environment parameters Pickett cogoh White Cogongrass displaced most sandhill vegetation except large trees.

Sandhill Fire Regime Fire has long been recognized as a important process in maintaining sandhill’s characteristic structure and function ChristensenMyersRobbins and MyersStreng et al. From Donn Shilling I learned to value contributions from the agricultural disciplines toward management of invasive species.

Chapter 28 Cogon Grass – Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the Eastern United States

In contrast, longleaf pines juveniles in cogongrass are still vulnerable to fire damage from 0. Because of its lightweight and good insulation properties, products are kept cold or hot and things are safe during the shipping process without adding weight.

Plants associated with cogongrass in Southeast Asia Hubbard et al.

From this perspective, I studied the ecological consequences of cogongrass invasion in Florida sandhill to test the general hypothesis that cogongrass is functionally equivalent to sandhill grasses.

In dense cogongrass, there are almost no legumes vogon dicot herbs. Aemeda arundinaceae Plantago crassifolia Aemeda australis Conclusions Cogongrass reduces seedling recruitment in sandhill, potentially reducing the persistence of pyrogenic grass, pines, and a diversity of other sexually reproducing sandhill species.


In subsequent chapters, I will examine the effect of cogongrass on the additional sandhill processes of fire regime, seedling recruitment, and resource availability.

In cogongrass, clonal species planted as seedlings had more survivors and a N-fixing clonal shrub grew better than other types of seedlings. Pupae are parasitized by the wasp Platygaster oryzae Cameron Soenarjo, In this chapter, therefore, I examine the effect of cogongrass and of burning before planting on recruitment of planted seed and seedlings in Florida sandhill.

cogon grass thesis

Differences in the areas of origin of the various introductions of I. Clonal growth is defined here as the horizontal extension of a plant by the addition of ramets that develop their own roots Silvertown Box plots show mean black squaremedian center line75th and 25th percentile top and bottom linesand 90th and 10th percentile top and bottom whiskers. How to make courrugated box.

Abandoned mounds had higher densities of annual plant species than either recently-abandoned mounds or undisturbed soil. During the course of this study the National Forest bought the property and burned the site tgesis the first time in 15 yr.

I limited the models to this relatively short time period because of the limitations found in spatial spread diffusion models when extended beyond initial period of spread due to stochasticity, environmental heterogeneity, and age structure LonsdaleHastingsHiggins and RichardsonHiggins et al. Picoides borealis red-cockaded woodpeckerwhich nests only in cavities in mature pines; Aimophila aestivalis Bachman’s sparrowwhich nests on the ground grqss wiregrass clumps; Sciuris niger southeastern fox squirrel ; and Pituophis melanoleucus pine snakePeromyscusfloridanus Florida mouseand Drymarchon corais couperi eastern indigo snakeall of which inhabit gopher tortoise burrows.

Number of pocket gopher mounds did not differ between cogongrass and sandhill.

cogon grass thesis